Finalmeeting in Turku
02th June 2007

For 2th July to 4th July 2007 all partners will dicuss the results of this project and finish the finaly project report.

SLO in Glasgow

Senioren-Lernen-Online likes to take about experiences they made in international projects. One of the moderators has presented "Multimedia communication and eLearning- lifelong learning by SLO" on "A Legacy of Learning Conference" in Glasgow.

Treffen in Vinaroz
Ict50plus meeting in Vinaroz
13th February 2007
"Senioren-Lernen-Online" (SLO) is not only present with own courses in the world wide web, but also actively supports the international cooperation in senior education. Read here an report from SLO-Weblog!

Meeting in Vinaroz
03th February 2007

For 5th February to 7th February 2007 all partners will dicuss the last topics of project schedule. The team of SLO plans to present technical details of their newest on-line courses.

Meeting in Bergen
8th September 2006

For 4th September 2006 to 6th September 2006 all partners have discussed the details of working in the 2th year of the partnership.

Project accepted
3th August 2006

The 2th projectyear now was accepted to Sokrates-Program Grundtvig 2 for all partners in Spain, Norwey, Finland and Germany.

Meeting in Castellon
19th April 2006
For 08th May to 11th May 2006 will be started a meeting in Spain. The projectteam is planning to change there experiences of learning wirh seniors an they will organize the next on-line courses.

Meeting in Kiel
2th November 2005
The first personal project-meeting will be at 31th October 2005 til 02th November 2005 in Kiel. The agenda visites also informations about virtual classroom CENTRA by the team of Senioren-Lernen-Online.

Projekt accepted!
7th July 2005

The project now was accepted to Sokrates-Program Grundtvig 2 for all partners in Spain, Norwey, Finland, Czech and Germany.

Application form "Grundtvig 2" project agreed and presented
28th February 2005
Main aims and objectives have been agreed and topics and activities are planned for next two years.

großes Bild
GRUNDTVIG 1 and 2 Contact Seminar "Education for senior citizen"
14th October to 17th October 2004
Program: Introduction to SOCRATES and GRUNDTVIG Action, presentation of a successful Grundtvig project and working in groups, drafting of project ideas and discussion.Results: First contacts for new Learning Patnerships.


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