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Finnish MS Society

The Finnish MS society (established in 1971) is a national non-governmental organisation promoting public health and the importance of physical exercise, and influencing decision –makers in the social welfare and health sectors in Finland as well as within the European Union. The Finnish MS Society looks after the interests of people with MS or progressive diseases of the spinal cord and cerebellum. It constantly monitors events in the Finnish social welfare and health sectors and works for better social justice and equality for its members.

The Society has a staff of 150 professionals. The Society has today approximately 70 local branches and clubs, which have in all more than 10 000 members

One of the main objectives of the MS Society is to maintain the functional capacity of persons with MS. The Masku Neurological Rehabilitation Centre near the city of Turku offers persons with MS and their families a variety of rehabilitation and adaptation training facilities.

The outpatient Service Centres in the cities of Tampere and Oulu arrange courses disseminating primary information. Our current training programmes include training in ICT, peer support and  capacity building for volunteer in local MS Branches.

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