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KEB Rheinland-Pfalz LAG e. V.

The Rhineland-Palatinate Catholic Adult Education Organisation (KEB) is the umbrella organisation of all the adult education institutions in the land of Rhineland-Palatinate funded by the Catholic church. It is the second-largest of the seven approved further education providers in Rhineland-Palatinate. In 2002 alone, the KEB Rhineland-Palatinate staged around 6,500 further training courses in the region attended by almost 137,000 participants. The KEB is primarily active in subject areas like the humanities, philosophy/theology, (contemporary) history, politics/society/gender equality. Since 1996, the KEB has organised an increasing number of virtual study seminars with combined face-to-face courses leading to the qualification of "multimedia trainer" or "specialist in multimedia development and management" (the latter being an ESF project). Another activity is focused on the education for people of the third and forth age. The KEB in Rhineland-Palatinate is divided into five regional diocese-based training organisations comprising regional educational institutes and their activities are partly organised by full-time employees One common characteristic of all Catholic education and training institutes is the commitment and hard work of countless volunteer employees. The KEB is a member of the Catholic Federal Association for Adult Education (KBE) and the Rhineland-Palatinate Land Committee for Further Education and Training.

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