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Senioren-Lernen-Online is a project made up of male and female seniors who volunteer their time to help older citizens to take advantage of lifelong learning using the Internet and various special synchronous (CENTRA) and asynchronous platforms.

This means that senior citizens can participate from any location (home, for example), using the Internet and a headset. We offer basic courses on using the Internet, Windows Office packages (like Word), special presentation programs (PowerPoint and Mindmap), programs for web design, video production and image editing. We show senior citizens how to use new channels of Internet communication like voicechat. We help one another via remote access software and we train senior citizens to act as teletutors, so they can offer courses themselves. We also make use of blended learning solutions, our moderators upload special information ( pdf or wav files) about the courses to our website ( This allows participants to organize their own learning routines. Our moderators work on their own initiative and responsibility

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