Universitat Jaume I
University for Seniors

Senior Citizens’ University is a project into Jaume I University. Lifelong learning constitutes one of the fundamental axes of the educational activity of our University. The idea is not to gain a professional diploma, but to provide people who are in the conclusive phase of their active working life with the means to develop on a humanistic level, and to contribute to the construction of a more cultured, critical and participative society.

Our Senior Citizen’s University tries to offer environments that allow reflection and to open up spaces offering the freedom needed for the social and cultural emancipation of senior citizens, while at the same time promoting intergenerational relations.

For getting that Senior Citizens’ University project offers subjects that are structured into two cycles, in addition there are permanent activities, like computer skills and Internet. With these permanent activities about ICT we get that senior people don't fell marginalized into this new society. But not only this, achieve this knowledge and do this activities raises their self-respect, reduce their loneliness and solitude and improves their relations with younger people.

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