Senior Citizen’s University

In addition to coordinating the proposal and pending project, this institution will make the guidelines to achieve one of the objectives of this project about education of new technologies in seniors: collect of practises and documentation, study methodology and didactics differences between younger and senior students. Impact in their improving quality live. Proposal new courses and educational systems. Organisation of second meeting in Spain.


Introduction in the use of the platform CENTRA to all, training, coaching and moderating of online sessions on the platform. Introduction online or real in standardisation of all materials by using the tool RELOAD for documentation. Organisation of the Meeting in Kiel.

The Finnish MS Society

Host of the 1st meeting of the second year: Health issues and ICT-access to public services on the internet.

Landåstorget Seniorsenter

Together with the Research Centre for Health Promotion, this partner will contribute with knowledge in run-ning initiatives empowering the end user to become more independent. Furthermore the partners are interested in using internet as a health promotion tool.

The Rhineland-Palatinate Catholic Adult Education Organisation

Evaluation of the project.

CC Systems

Collecting documentation and information about the best practice. Hosting the last project meeting - dissemination of results.


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